Automated Invoice Refinancing

Gigipool is a blockchain based trustless management system created on the principles of token economics. Through this paper we have tried to address the key problems faced by the SMEs, MSMEs & Businesses facing cashflow problems due to late payment from their clients.

We aim to organise a highly fragmented and unorganised business of invoice refinancing already prevalent all across the world. Blockchain adds an extra layer of trust and prediction algorithm designed on desire lines of individuals and wisdom of the crowd increases the Life Time Value of the ecosystem in a disruptive manner.

We have tried to differentiate it from the current model of traditional invoice finance by incentivising the buyer issuing the invoice into the ecosystem which gives extra confidence to the investors on the platform for safety of their funds which plays a very important part in creating a stable ecosystem for all. Moreover, we have introduced a dynamic refinancing model for the investors so that they don’t need to wait for their bought invoice to mature. They may sell it to other investors successively for compounding their income intelligently.

Our Platform doesn’t compete with existing financial solutions prevalent all across the world. It rather provides an alternative way to reorganise the market in a productive manner which works for all.

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